Word Craze Answers

Word Craze is a new and entertaining puzzle game just recently published by game studio Betta Games which also developed and published other popular mobile games such as Word Crossy, Word Villas and Word Buddies. They have a tendency to make word puzzle games with nice animations colorful themes and nice stories.

Below we have included all Word Craze Answers that we have solved so far. The more levels we solve the more answers we will keep adding. So please bookmark us and visit us anytime you need help with passing a level of this wonderful game.

In the world of Word Craze you will follow the Journey of Ann’s around the world. You will be able to experience all the customs and traditions from different countries around the world. You will come and check out the interesting things she encounters on this journey. If you want to cross to another puzzle game than we suggest challenging yourself with WordCrossy answers of which can be found on WordCrossyAnswer.org

The game is organized in Country themes Like you can see below: